When you are stuck and need help getting through a decision or stage. A travel fee will be added for travel over 60 miles.
Session Packages
Session Packages of 5, 10, or 20 are available.
The Clarity Process
An in-depth, multi-day event. During this time we will walk through 2 stages: Awareness and Alignment. In the Awareness Stage you will discover your ultimate purpose and your 4 main values. The Alignment Stage will provide you with the tools needed to increase your impact. Finally, you will walk away with a 3-year vision and a 90-day big goal.
The Focal Point
This package walks your team through the development of vision, missions, and purpose. This package is available for personal or organizational needs.
The Revitalizer
This package walks your church or organization through a series of sessions. These are designed to analyze your current situation and provide a customized pathway toward growth and stability.
The Waypoint
This package helps your organization with alignment and direction. Whether it is departments or committees, alignment and focus create the possibility of achieving your goals.